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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you'd like to see an answer to, maybe other customers do too... send an email to webmaster@elfut.ca, and we'll find the answer!

Q: Why are some items occasionally slightly cheaper at the Big Box Stores?
A: Their business model relies on bulk-purchasing stock (in thousands of units), and flogging product to the masses with no overhead from providing actual service to customers.  Electronic Futures also charges the most competitive prices we can afford to, but as a locally owned-and-operated business, we simply don't move the same volumes of product, nor do we give the same lack of service that the Big Box stores do.  It costs us salaries and training to provide our high level of customer service.  You won't have thirty people ahead of you in line, and usually we can resolve any issues with products right in the store - we literally have factory-certified technicians doing board-level repairs. 

Q: Troubles using your Apple Device with your DEP account?
A: The Apple Device Enrollment Program is new to Canada in 2015, and many distributors have yet to put in place the infrastructure to participate in the program.  Electronic Futures obtains Apple product for resale from several distribution channels, to always get you the best price.  As some of these channels are not yet onboard the DEP program, it is critical that if you plan to use your new Apple product with DEP, that you tell us this when you are purchasing your product, so we can ensure we supply you with a device that came from a DEP-authorized channel, and get it whitelisted.

Q: Is this CompuSmart?
A: The name we do business under changed at the start of 2015 - See our related Business Announcement

Q: One or more of the Social Media Like/Share/Follow buttons on the bottom of your web pages seem to sometimes act differently than I'd expect, do you have a glitch on your website?
A: No, the code used for these buttons comes directly from the Social Media sites themselves, and relies on scripts they host on their own servers... whether they work or not isn't within our control.

Q: Troubles viewing our web page on a mobile device? 
A: Technology is continually evolving, and so are standards for development of software and web pages that run on it.  In a nutshell, we wanted to ensure all our content on our home page fits within the horizontal screen area of our customers.  Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people out there running 1024x768, and even 800x600, screen resolution.  The format we use is the best balance for us, between fixing dimensions for the widest audience, and spending considerable time coding and recoding custom formatting for every type of device and browser combination out there.

To optimize the display on your specific computer or handheld device, you should zoom in or out as required, and pan/scroll/drag the display around as needed while you review content.  For handhelds such as smart phones & Ipads, be sure to rotate into landscape mode for optimum zoom ability.  If you still have issues on a specific device, please either drop by our store for help, or send the details to webmaster@elfut.ca

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